Our champions

SKIP champions work in New Zealand communities to spread the kaupapa.

We have had two new champions join us: Eva Chen and Crystal Pekepo. Eva works with parents in the Chinese community in Auckland and around New Zealand and helps them to develop and grow in their parenting. Crystal works in Hawkes Bay with whānau Māori helping with the development of initiatives that support them in both raising and entertaining their tamariki.

We also have our three current SKIP champions: Josi Wilson, Annalise Myers and Deb Rewiri. Josi works in Wellington and in the South Island and has helped with a number of national partnerships and local initiatives.

Annalise works in the Auckland area helping young parents and the support systems they can use.

Deb works across New Zealand but is based in Turangi – she specialises in brain development and uses this knowledge to educate whānau on nurturing both their tamariki and themselves.


Annalise Myers

Crystal Pekepo

Josi Wilson

Eva Chen

Deb Rewiri

Strengthening SKIP’s processes

At our recent SKIP hui we had the chance to kōrero about the SKIP funding process including the criteria, the application process and potential local initiatives that can be considered for funding.

The strongest theme that ran through these discussions was the importance of engaging whānau in the work we are doing. The best way to do this is through telling the stories of change and community development through our social media and other communication channels.

Each of our champions work to support different parenting communities in New Zealand and can also reach different groups within these communities. Through our champions we can develop and strengthen relationships with young parents, Māori, Pasifika and migrant communities. 

Our national office team

As well as our team of SKIP champions working within our local communities, we also have the SKIP team members at our national office in Wellington. Our team consists of Frances Allen, Lorraine Tarrant, Maraea Teepa, Rachel Jones & Lynne van de Riet.