Discussing culture and identity for tamariki

In a series of videos being produced by SKIP, Crystal Pekepo (SKIP Champion) and Maraea Teepa discuss the importance of culture and identity for tamariki. 

Crystal is a mum of 4 tamariki with number 5 on the way and has bought up her tamariki immersed in Māori culture. 

She highlighted that tika and pono are two things that she keeps in mind when helping her tamariki navigate her culture. By answering all their questions she is able to grow their understanding and help them develop a sense of pride about who they are.  

Te Matatini connecting tamariki to Māori culture 

Throughout the discussion, Crystal and Maraea acknowledge the importance of Māori waiata and kapa haka for tamariki. Crystal encourages whānau to take part in cultural events such as Te Matatini.  

“It’s just so beautiful because a lot of our rangitahi and our tamariki are so inspired” Crystal says. 

Crystal and her husband competed in Te Matatini for eight years and credit their own involvement in the event as a point of pride in their whānau. For Crystal, it’s important the whole whānau are involved in the event as a way to integrate culture into everyday life. 

Connections through pepeha 

Crystal emphasised the importance of helping tamariki understand and feel connected to their pepeha. 

“A lot of the time it is about taking your tamariki back to a space where they are from, so they know what that actually feels like – they can touch it, they can feel it.” 

By keeping traditions alive in their home, you are helping tamariki form a sense of identity. 




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