Making sense of what we learnt

Suggested time

This is usually part of a day long workshop, where the insights are gathered, the design challenge set and the ideas generated and refined.

What SKIP will bring

Facilitation, tools, agenda. Funding for costs

What you’ll need to bring

Coordination of participants, venue and food.

Why is it important?

This stage gathers together all of the parent interviews and develops themes and insights. This sharpens the focus of the project, uncovering the issues that parents are struggling with, and the things that help them.

This is a really interesting part of the process. There are often insights that surprise people. The insights are used to set the design challenge. This usually starts with the question How might we…?

How we go about it

There a number of ways we pull themes and insights out of the interviews. Usually each one is read through and the insights highlighted. We then group similar information and with the community decide the area, or areas, we are going to focus on. This is framed into a “How might we…? question.

For example...

In Inner City Auckland we were surprised to learn that some young parents were spending all day walking the streets because they were worried their babies would annoy their neighbours. They lived in small apartments and were frightened of being asked to leave if neighbours complained.

There are a number of families in Rolleston who have children with disabilities. The stress of driving into the Christchurch hospital to attend appointments, while juggling other children etc, was very difficult for these parents.

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