Interviewing whānau

Suggested time

Whatever suits parents.

What SKIP will bring

Consent and information forms, koha. Funding for transciption.

What you’ll need to bring

People to do the interviewing, someone to provide support.

Why is it important?

The interviews give real insights into the lives of parents that can help develop ideas that can make a real difference. The empathy approach gives them a chance t really explore what is happening for them, where the pressures come from and what is happening when things are going well.

How we go about it

Parents are contacted by an interviewer or someone from the community group and asked if they would like to take part. The whole process is explained and the parents are given an information sheet. They can choose where the interview will happen, and whether they are ok with it being recorded. They are asked to sign a consent form.

The interview usually take 20 to 60 minutes. At the end parents are given a koha for their time. If the interviews are recorded (we usually use cellphones) the interviews are transcribed.

For example...

In Waitakere parents practised interviewing each other, and then went out and interviewed three friends.

Bean person illustration