Co-creating with parents

Suggested time

Co-creation can be part of a full day workshop, or a stand alone half day session.

What SKIP will bring

Facilitation, agenda, a box of creative resources. Funding for costs.

What you’ll need to bring

Coordination of parents, venue and food.

Why is it important?

SKIP works with parents to create solutions to the issues that are gathered through the insight process. This leads to more chance of success because parents know more about their own lives than anyone else.

The cocreation process gives power to parents, instead of making them fit with a programme or service that has been developed by experts who don’t understand the challenges of parenting in a particular community.

Parents come up with lots of ideas that are often very easy to make happen.

How we go about it

The SKIP team has developed a workshop that gets everyone coming up with ideas, choosing what they want to work on and then building a model of that idea. We use creative materials such as play dough, pipe cleaners, cardboard etc etc - everyone gets a chance to play with ideas and create something they might not have thought of before.

For example...

 In Linwood one of the dads was really quiet during the workshop. He was pretty shy about giving his ideas and was happy for his girlfriend to do most of the talking. We went through all of the ideas we’d come up with and he started to get really excited. We got out the playdough and other bits and pieces and he built an amazing public space where parents could take their kids and meet other parents. We added a garden, a hangi pit, fruit trees and tables and chairs. He said it would make parenting so much easier if there was a place like that he could go to.

Bean person illustration